We dream, design and develop apps that allow people from all over the world to get to know one another.

Because we believe that things happen meeting people.


ShakeChat is about chatting and meeting new friends simply shaking your phone.



Massimo Scarpis, Founder & CEO

Born in 1984, temporarily dropped out university. Curious, dreamer, obstinate and observer. Loving: music, tech, cars and swimming.

Andrea Giavatto, iOS Dev

Born in 1985, ex gymnast. Determined, competitive and a bit moody. Love: technology, travelling, movies, videogames, sports.

Silvio Daminato, iOS Dev

Born in 1985, Computer Science graduate, he put aside his Master's Degree. Determined and sociable, loves music and traveling.

Giacomo Veronelli, Backend Dev

Born in 1987, Computer Engineer. About me: dreamer, curious, obstinate. Loving: football, swimming and tech.

Lorenzo Demaio, Android Dev

Born in 1992, information technology & Web Design graduate. He loves skiing, hiking in the city and cinema. He hates frenzy and long waits.


Our HQ is @ 5, Seed Village, H-Farm (an awesome place somewhere in Italy).

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